Totally free Tools for Teaching a Language Online

The realm of teaching English online continues to be interesting. The students of mine are from all around the world, and they’re investing in me to instruct them English. I would like to have the ability to provide them the most effective quality education which I can. It’s taken some time to learn the different complimentary methods that are available that will significantly improve the performance of the virtual classroom. Listed here are only a number.

Skype continues to be an important tool for the vast majority of the online teaching of mine. I’ve discovered that the majority of pupils that would like to be taught a language on-line currently have Skype, and also you are able to download it at Allow me to share several of the functions that come standard with Skype:

Display screen sharing

The display sharing feature allows the pupil of mine to determine what’s on the screen of mine. I can pull up pictures, websites, and curriculum, and they’re shared immediately.

This particular site is going to act as a virtual whiteboard. I checked out 5 different visible virtual whiteboards, and this has probably the most features and the very best user experience. Just go to the website of theirs and register for the free account. You then are able to produce “rooms” for the topics which you teach online. After you’re inside the “room,” you are able to copy the URL and also send it to the pupil of yours. I put it to use along with Skype’s voice chat, and I like the interaction that the whiteboard comes to the classroom. It really works totally on the web so there’s no need to obtain anything. Period saving

The more I teach, the more I understand that there could be variations between what I believe a word means and even exactly what the dictionary says a word means. online dictionary has been the favorite tool of mine for fast meaning checks as well as sample sentence lookups. Most ESL pupils around the planet will discover phonetics from the International Phonetic Alphabet. enables you to switch from utilizing the American phonetic system on the international phonetic system. If perhaps the pupil of yours understands the global phone system, it’s simple to imitate as well as paste a word to help clarity pronunciation.