Remove Vocals & Instrumental from Songs

The audio extractor is also dedicated to outputting high-quality music lyrics or vocals. LALAL.AI packages do not have an expiration date per se. Once you’ve acquired a package, it’s always there until you’ve used all minutes available for splitting. I would have to recommend for anyone looking for simplicity in their program. Add your song and separate the vocal track with ease – no need to get deep in the weeds with this one. Free Audio Cutter Remove unwanted parts from your audio files online for free without giving up on the quality.

Not a Fan of Subscriptions? Pay as You Go

EasySplitter is an incredible program that allows almost anyone to split vocal and instrumental tracks in a matter of seconds. It offers many exciting features that one might find in a professional setup, but for an incredibly low cost.

How Long My Files Are Stored?

You can mix and match audios, remove tracks, boost others, and produce on the run. I love listening to light instrumental music while studying.

Unleash Your Musical Talent and Vocal Power

Focused on becoming the industry standard, we’ve leveraged user-generated karaoke, acapella, and instrumental tracks to train our AI for even higher performance. With EasySplitter, you can choose how you pay with their varied pricing options. They offer a pay-per-song option that can grant you access to their lite or vocal remover pro services. There are also subscription plans that range from $5.99/month to $305/year for the full package. These are incredibly well-priced in my opinion and offer a wide range of professional features.

Read more about instrument remover here. Each program on our list is guaranteed well-made and offers some of the best vocal removal in the industry. Many of the programs are used by professionals with incredible added features for post-production and content creation.