Mushroom Growing Business – Make Money From Home

Starting a mushroom growing business is a great way to make money from home. Not only can it be a source of large earnings in a few weeks, but it is also simple to start. Here are six easy steps to start your own PSILOCYBE CUBENSIS MELMAK SPORE SWABS mushroom growing business:

  1. Get your substrate and spawn. You will need mushroom spawn to begin the culture. Begin with oyster mushrooms, because they are simple to grow and incredibly lucrative. You can create your own spawn using a clean and sterile culture, or you can purchase ready-to-inoculate spawn from providers. Creating your own spawn could be less expensive over time, but the start-up expenses could be higher, so purchasing ready-to-inoculate spawn may be the best approach for you. You will also need to purchase the substrate. Many farmers use hay or wooden chips. Hay is the most popular method. You want hay that can be chopped up into small pieces.
  2. Put together the substrate. First, cut the hay into short pieces. Next, moisten the hay. Then, heat the hay in boiling water for 30 minutes. Drain the hay and spread it out on a clean surface to cool down.
  3. Pack the plastic bags. Pack plastic bags with the hay and spawn. Add 2 or 3 inches of hay into the plastic bag and then gently spread the spawn on top. Continue this process until the bag is almost full, then close the top and poke holes in the bag.
  4. Incubation. Keep the growing area around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the bags on a shelving unit. Make sure to prevent any sunlight from entering the area. Cover windows and cracks. Use a red “darkroom” light if you want to check on your bags. When you see small pinhead weeds near the air openings in your bag, you are ready to proceed to the next phase.
  5. Fruiting. For the fruiting space, you will need a high level of moisture. The heat should be 66 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike the incubation room, you will need plenty of natural light, at least 12 hours a day. To shock your mycelium, transfer the bags to a cool spot for a day, like a basement, and then transfer them back to the fruiting space. As time goes on, cut away the bag, allowing mushrooms room to grow.
  6. Harvest. When the mushroom caps are almost fully uncurled, it is time to harvest. To do this, twist the stem off as close to the base as possible. You have now harvested your own mushrooms.